The Most Expensive Teddy Bears Ever Sold: A Look at the Teddy Bear Market

While many teddy bears are beloved childhood toys, some rare and antique teddy bears have sold for a significant amount of money. Here are some of the most expensive teddy bears ever sold:

  1. Steiff Teddy Girl: In 1994, a rare Steiff Teddy Girl bear sold for $176,000 at a Christie’s auction in London. This bear was made in 1905 and is one of only a handful of examples known to exist.
  2. Steiff Harlequin Bear: Another rare Steiff bear, the Harlequin bear, sold for $83,000 at a 2008 auction. This bear was made in 1925 and is considered one of the most sought-after Steiff bears by collectors.
  3. Steiff Louis Vuitton Bear: In 2000, a special edition Steiff bear created in collaboration with Louis Vuitton sold for $2.1 million at an auction in Monaco. This bear was adorned with a Louis Vuitton monogram and was made in a limited edition of only 500.
  4. Gund Snuffles Bear: In 2017, a rare Gund Snuffles bear sold for $12,000 at an auction in Japan. This bear was made in 1981 and is one of only a few examples known to exist with its original packaging.
  5. Teddy Roosevelt’s Bear: In 2000, a bear once owned by President Teddy Roosevelt sold for $28,000 at an auction in New York. This bear is said to have inspired the creation of the teddy bear after Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear cub while on a hunting trip.

These examples highlight the value that some teddy bears can hold, particularly those that are rare or have historical significance. While most teddy bears are not worth a significant amount of money, the teddy bear market is still thriving among collectors and enthusiasts.