How to custom with your own bear or brand? How to know about which part can be customization? Please view below points, you may create your owns bear!!!!

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  1. Color Customization: Customers can choose the fur color of the teddy bear, ranging from traditional browns to unusual pinks or blues.
  2. Clothing and Accessories: Design a variety of outfits for the teddy bear, such as little dresses, sportswear, or pajamas, and accessories like hats, scarves, or glasses.
  3. Embroidered Personal Messages: Embroider personalized messages, such as names, dates, or special notes, on the teddy bear’s paws or clothing.
  4. Music or Sound Modules: Add a small module that can play recordings or music, making the teddy bear able to produce sounds.
  5. Different Textures and Materials: Offer a selection of plush materials, like velvet, cotton, or eco-friendly fabrics, to meet different tactile and sustainability preferences.
  6. Variety of Sizes: Provide teddy bears in sizes ranging from mini to extra-large to suit different use cases and personal preferences.
  7. Themed Designs: Design teddy bears based on specific themes or holidays (like Christmas, Halloween, or birthdays), using appropriate decorations and color schemes.
  8. Interactive Features: Add interactive features like magnetic paws or glowing eyes to make the teddy bear more fun and engaging.
  9. Set Combinations: Create teddy bear sets that include matching outfits, accessories, and a backstory for a complete gifting experience.
  10. Packaging and Presentation: Offer customized packaging options, such as personalized gift boxes or specially designed wrapping paper, to enhance the sophistication and uniqueness of the gift.